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Farewell 2023 - Hello 2024

To those of you who journeyed with me in 2023, I thank you for your support, friendship, love, guidance, and above all your humanity. I give KUDOS to 2023 which for me will forever be “the year after COVID”.  I can hardly believe that 2023, a year I  started with wary expectation is over.  But here we are, walking  confidently into 2024. We made it through and I am looking forward to see the surprises that 2024 has in store.

As I say goodbye to 2023, I share with you some of my favourite moments, milestones and eco-friendly wins that had me proud and smiling.



  Ours was not the only family out for a winter walk in January 2023.  This feathered gang had the same idea. On our way home we were treated to a symphony of yelps. I learned that a yelp is the sound turkeys make. According to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife the yelp is the most common turkey sound and made mostly by the hens. Following the sounds of the yelps we happened upon this  gang of Turkey maybe going home like us… I managed to catch a few seconds of this sight.



It does not get better than BLACK HISTORY MONTH in the month of LOVE and my February 2023 kicked off a year filled with opportunities to showcase XUNOPIA creations and services and to share our vision of a sustainable fashion industry.

Whether it was Under the bridge at New Dimension Steel Pan Yard, with the EPG crew or at Minto High Park Farmers Market; each event had its unique vibe and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and making new connections. Loads of thanks to the organizers for including XUNOPIA



I was excited to release the 2nd annual Umoja fashion show. The Dolls of Xundolland really stepped up and out to showcase style and creativity crafted from the tiniest bits of repurposed textiles.

Expanding on the Xundolland fashion portfolio was one of my goals for 2023. Creating these miniature pieces brought me smiles and allowed me to stretch my imagination and technique. I am tickled pink and really proud of the positive response Xundolland fashions has received thus far. Look out for UMOJA 3: Big Eco Love, Tiny Threds this Valentines Day - February 14th 2024.

Also look out for our Xundoll Renews which aims to reduce plastics from our environment landfills. Dolls are given the full works spa treatment, new faces, makeup redos, new hair and fashionable looks. When a doll is renewed, we:

  • SAVE it from ending up in a landfill immediately

  • Enforce the culture of recycling and reuse

  • Create a unique piece of art for your collection.



I found this embroidered silk top while thrifting. Loved the colours, pattern and colour variations of the embroidery and it came home with me.

My first repurpose image was accent throw cushions, or maybe deconstruct for use as edgings or borders. In the end I opted to incorporate these embroidered daisies into DIVA Wallets. The thought of being greeted by these daisies every time a bag was opened made me smile. And so it was that this blouse became wallets teamed with orange, rust and brick cork. These wallets have since found owners who I am sure gaze on them fondly. I have a wee bit more fabric, so look out for variations. Even better, bring us your fabric preloved piece aof clothing nd we'll make you a custom unique DIVA Wallet.


Completing the first print of FRANDANGLES the Fantastic Frock book 1.  Was an AMAZING moment for me.  For youngsters aged 3 - 8, the concept and the first in a series of books was 2 years in the making and a collaboration with this awesome lady, marketer and artist Wing Yan Chan.

Seeing the book in print was a proud moment and testament to our determination. It is first and foremost a book of Canadians’ stories, their lives woven into the textiles which create Frandangles.  The series aims to impart treasured moments and experiences to young minds and ultimately help them develop an appreciation for the preservation of textiles and family history. The first book follows a young adopted Avery meeting their new family and Frandangles for the first time.

Frandangles is a family heirloom- a patchwork coat and holder of the history of the Dangles. The Dangles is a diverse Canadian family with a rich cultural history acquired through the  lived experience of it's members who have roots worldwide. Heartwarming stories and histories are told through the patches and items which make up Frandangles. The current Caretaker of this jacket is the Patriarch of the family  - Grandpa Moses.  In his rich baritone and adorned with Frandangles, he is a fixture at family events, using the coat and patches as visual accompaniment while retelling the stories of the Dangle family history.

2023 is wrapped - on to 2024

It's been so cool to see the explosion of creativity within the upcycling space. XUNOPIA will join this movement and continue to create new unique stylish products from your preloved STUFF! We will continue to promote sustainability in fashion within and beyond the wardrobe.

Over the last few years, I have steadily been transforming other areas of my life, becoming more environmentally conscious and focused on creating less waste and minimizing my carbon footprint. The next step for me is to  get more involved in community-driven projects which help educate and champion a greener earth.

Your support thus far has been a motivator and keeps me on this path.  Let's continue this journey, where style meets sustainability, and together, well make the fashion industry greener and leave a cleaner world for the generations to come -

Lets do it one repurpose at a time.

With a big smile and lots of gratitude,

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