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Xunopia is a lifestyle boutique centred around

Afrofusion fashion which inspire conversations and reflect the beauty and dynamism of life and living in multicultural communities.

At Xunopia, we celebrate individuality, our designs and fashion aesthetic can be tailored to fit your personal taste and silhouette. We aim to provide unrivalled customer service and a 360 experience of warmth and professionalism.

I am constantly creating and designing out of my studio “The Clam Shell”.  To get Clam Shell updates, join our mailing list and follow Xunopia on Facebookand Pearl_Xun on Instagram.

To visit The Clam Shell,  call or Text 647-990-7065 to make an appointments for Monday or Tuesday between 11am and 8pm

Owner and Chief Createss at Xunopia, I imagine a world where we are free to express me, us, you and them. I am inspired by life. Past and present, imagined, dreamed and real. 

I squint at the brilliance of the sun

while basking in its heat on my skin;

gently glistening dawn rays caressing ripples of water can bring a tear or elicit sighs.

The colour splashes in our domed sunset skies fabric romance and awe and wonder at the jewels which lie beyond.   


And then, 

I appreciate the boom and crack of thunder heralding geometric light-play over mountain ranges; the fury and energy of wind billowing sleeves,

clinging to nipples and shaping curves.

The smell of memories sung to the BEAT,

and the frenzy of the DANCE to the Rhythm of life. 

I am, I live, I am Alive