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XUNOPIA Core Concepts

​1. Joy in doing: I enjoy creating and the look and feel of knowing my creations are

    appreciated. Xunopia products are infused with happiness and love. 

2. Whatever is worthwhile doing is worthwhile doing well: a maxim from my grandparents

    which guides my QC process towards excellence.


3. I believe in Fairness, Equity and Honesty and translate this into Xunopia's business strategy.


​4. Sustainability: I care about the world and future of our young. Xunopia will endeavour to

    educate and lead others towards minimizing fashion's carbon footprint.  

5. Give back to Community: We cannot exist without community and it cannot exist

    without us. Xunopia will be an active member of the community, building, strengthening,

    and giving back. 


Join Xun Circle to begin growth and build a sustainable, eco-friendly fashion industry!

Privacy & Safety

1. Your data and privacy is of the utmost importance to us and will be respected

    and protected within the highest measure of our control.

2. We use your data to provide a service; for crafted items to meet your needs; in

    third party apps to assist with crafting; to provide service for promotions, and to

    supply information all within the parameters you have agreed upon. We completely

    adhere to Canadian privacy rules and regulations. 

3. We will preserve your data for up to 10 years or once you cease to be a Xunopia

    client or Member, or when you advise us to discard your information.  

Wholesale Inquiries

Email pearlxun@xunopia to discuss wholesale opportunities.

Payment Methods
Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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