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XUN DIVA CLASP (Ankara only) and XUN DIVA CLASPS with CORK (Ankara and Cork) are a stylish & versatile complement to any outfit. The Clasps are 7.5" wide x 4.5" tall (19cm x 11.4cm) and has -

6 slots to hold 6-24 credit cards ID

Loyalty and gift cards- 2 pockets for cell phone, cheque book or currency

Full length change pocket with easy-view opening

and comes with a detachable coordinating key wristlet

Pink Blue Explosion Diva clasp with Cork

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  • Care Instructions 

     Cork is naturally water resistant, and many cork fabrics are given further protection by being pre-treated during manufacture with a stain repellant. Caring for your cork wallet is straightforward; all you should need to do is occasionally give it a gentle cleaning with a baby wipe or a well-wrung out clean damp cloth. Avoid harsh detergents or chemicals, and do not wash or iron cork.

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