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These stylish & versatile Xun Diva Clasp with Cork or fabric only has

  • - 6 slots to hold 6-24 credit cards, ID, Loyalty and gift cards
  • - 2 pockets for cell phone, cheque book or currency
  • - full length change pocket with easy-view opening
  • - 7.5" wide x 4.5" tall (19cm x 11.4cm)  and comes with
  • Detachable coordinating key Wristlet


DIVA FABRIC Magenta Fiesta

Sales Tax Included

    Many thanks and praises to Sew Many Creations who provided the original pattern design for this functional and versatile clasp.



  • Masks

    Be sure to wash your mask in warm soapy water prior to use. Hand Wash or machine wask on gentle cycle with like colours and hang dry.


    Diva Clasp

    Cork is naturally water resistant, and many cork fabrics are given further protection by being pre-treated during manufacture with a stain repellant. Caring for your cork wallet is straightforward; all you should need to do is occasionally give it a gentle cleaning with a baby wipe or a well-wrung out clean damp cloth. Avoid harsh detergents or chemicals, and do not wash or iron cork.

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